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Welcome to Fieldgoals.US, a WBENC Nationally Certified Woman Business Enterprise

Scoring market share with superior field research! FieldGoals.US provides the meticulously executed field service your team needs without the price tag larger cookie-cutter firms charge. Our execution is fresh, clear and academic.

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Test your brand awareness, product and service perceptions and needs and even some basic messages with our custom-designed surveys, starting at $5K!

  • Awareness and Perceptions
  • Brand Resonance and Relevance
  • Attribute Analysis
  • Satisfaction
  • Competitive Intelligence
Quantitative Research Rules!

Passionate stewardship for America’s older adults! AGING IN PLACE? How can a market that has so many segments be STANDING STILL, much less AGING IN PLACE? It is crucial that you keep up with the trends and find out what your market is truly saying.

  • Auditorium Studies and Music Evaluations
  • Employee Performance Evaluations/Mystery Shops
  • Product Placement Studies/Taste Tests
  • Audit/Inventory Studies

Pennsylvania Bar Institute Educator Lori Aulenbach-Mader, alongside internet law marketing expert and husband, Timothy, specialize in:

  • Case Review
  • Recruitment
  • Moderation
  • Concept Focus Groups
  • Voir Dire Design Jury Research and Selection
  • Mock Trials

Market Research 101

Do your homework without breaking the bank! Fieldgoals.US can give you reliable, statistically significant results quickly, accurately and by far more cost effectively that any other service in the Northeastern or Mid-Atlantic states and OUR RESEARCH TEAM WILL TRAVEL WHEREVER OUR CLIENTS NEED TO GO.