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Field Data Collection:
Experience Budgetary Stewardship,
Quality Control and Expert Project Management



The principals at FieldGoals.US have been involved in proprietary, groundbreaking research studies that have changed the way manufacturers and service providers use research and what key insights they have taken away with them. We call it “Research with Impact.” What our beloved leaders learned and what FieldGoals.US is bringing back to YOU is this: The reliability and validity of any research project lies in the proper fielding of data collection.

We created FieldGoals.US from a need we all had as research professionals for thorough, cost-efficient, CONSISTENT recruiting anywhere in the US to ANY facility with a two-week or less turnaround. Secondly, we saw the art of field service declining as small services with experienced senior staff closed their doors making way for the “less-than-personal” conglomerate services who hire inexperienced temps and forego the in-depth briefings and interviewer training we all know are imperative to unbiased, quality-controlled data collection. Let us provide you with PEACE OF MIND utilizing the following methodologies.

Intercept/Exit Interviewing
Intercept interviewing is the only remaining quota-driven, data collection methodology that can truly brag the ability to reach a sample that is both highly targeted and incredibly random at the same time. Our interviewers are required to have more than 5 years of experience in field research and are formally briefed for every project.

Auditorium Studies and Music Evaluations
As quantitative as qualitative can get, getting a large group of consumers together in an auditorium-style setting, showing them TV or radio programs, listening to clips of music and getting them to rate these – either with questionnaires or electronic gadgets – is an effective and timely way to gather information for next-day review. Our recruiters are focused in ascertaining your group of respondents exactly meets your rigorous requirements. And our staff is simply delightful!

Audit/Inventory Studies
With a regional footprint auditing a vast range of sales channels, our field auditors are equipped to help you better understand your customers, competitors and consumers. We’ll offer accurate answers to questions like: What are the opportunities for your products/services in our market? What is the % distribution of similar products/services per channel? How do your target customers feel about your latest innovation? What are your competitors’ reactions to your promotional activities?

Focus Group/Qualitative Recruiting

Our meticulous nationwide focus group, in-depth interview and multi-faceted qualitative recruitment is guaranteed to be higher in quality and lower in cost than any other firm on the East Coast. We specialize in off-site, rural consumers, businesses and health-care professionals as well as Central Pennsylvania markets and provide a traveling A/V team anywhere you need to go!

Employee Performance Evaluations/Mystery Shops
The delivery of excellent customer service is a vital factor in every company. The most effective way to measure customer sales and service delivery is through trained mystery shoppers. We not only provide the elite personnel to conduct employee and sales evaluations – we will create a comprehensive program for you, from questionnaire design, to execution, to evaluation and staff training – we can help you gain the edge on your competition and maintain a satisfied, happy staff.

Product Placement Studies/Taste Tests
We can help your team analyze and design a sensory program that fits your corporate needs. Whether you have a large team of sensory professionals and need only our expert recruitment and patented “double-screening” process along with facilitation and staffing, or a team of one, needing our full-service design team and expert analysis – we can help identify the activities, skills and tests that will benefit your company and the products you manufacture.


With a diverse population base, rapid industrial and technological growth and our “second tier” status, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and other neighboring cities provide an excellent market for evaluating new designs and concepts, as well as growing market needs. Central Pennsylvania has been successfully used as a test market for products and services including fast food, health care, tools, financial services and farm equipment!