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Market Research 101:
Do your homework without breaking the bank!

Welcome to FieldGoals.US, a nationally certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBENC).

FieldGoals.US provides the meticulously executed field service your team needs without the price tag larger cookie-cutter firms charge. Our execution is fresh, clear – and academic.

Our team has more than 50 years combined experience in field data collection, client-side, full-service research and technical consulting. Our #1 priority will always be QUALITY CONTROLLED, SUPERIOR FIELD SERVICE USING BUDGETARY STEWARDSHIP.

FieldGoals.US provides reliable, statistically significant results quickly, accurately and by far more cost effectively that any other research service in the Northeastern or Mid-Atlantic states and OUR RESEARCH TEAM WILL TRAVEL WHEREVER OUR CLIENTS NEED US TO GO.

Intercept interviewing, nationwide and local recruitment, facilitation, on and offsite A/V using state-of-the-art equipment, moderating, design—our clients see the difference. Hand in your little black book of research vendors and bring cohesive, economical methodologies and applications in-house with FieldGoals.US.

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